Enrolment Terms & Conditions

Payment and terms

Account name: NTG Solutions Academy
Bank: Standard Bank
Account number: 372030602
Type of account: Business Current Account
Branch code: 051001
Reference number: ID Number/Passport Number
Please note: Only Electronic transfer (EFT) payment method is accepted (Cash payments will not be accepted.)

Enrolment and payment of fees

  • Upon application of any skills programme presented by NTG Solutions Academy, delegates must submit a proof of payment to admin@ntgsolutionsacademy.co.za.
  • Course fees must be paid in full 14 days prior to course start dates to reserve a delegate’s seat.
  • NTG Solutions Academy reserves the right to revoke admission to a course without full payment upon which a delegate’s enrolment will be cancelled.
  • All payments must reflect an ID number of the enrolled delegate.
  • Course fees funded by an institution (including an employer) on behalf of a delegate, must be accompanied by supporting documentation (e.g.official purchase order).
  • NTG Solutions Academy further reserves the right to withhold access to any course and/or a delegate’s results and certificate if full payment has not been received.

    Delegates’ responsibilities

  • Delegates must inform NTG Solutions Academy of any change of personal and/or payment information as supplied on their enrolment forms.
  • Delegates confirm that they comply with and fully understand the particular admission requirements of a course upon enrolment.
  • Delegates confirm their willingness to enrol for a course and accept all responsibilities for payment of relevant course fees.
  • Delegates will abide by the assessment criteria for courses as set out in the course material.
  • Delegates confirm that they understand that it is against the NTG Solutions Academy’s policy to commit any form of plagiarism (i.e. publishing or putting the work or ideas of other forward as their own).
  • Delegates will abide by the general code of conduct for learners of the NTG Solutions Academy.


  • NTG Solutions Academy reserves the right to revoke admission to a course if the criteria for enrolment as stipulated in the course information have not been met in full.
  • The language of instruction for all courses is English, unless otherwise stated.
  • In the event of any dispute of any nature whatsoever arising between a delegate and NTG Solutions Academy, South African legislation will apply and the appropriate courts of South Africa will preside over jurisdiction.
  • All intellectual property rights (i.e. rights in text, recordings, pictures or other licensed materials) vests with the NTG Solutions Academy, and delegates may not reproduce or distribute any such material.

    Cancellation policy

  • NTG Solutions Academy reserves the right to refuse admission to a course, in which case delegates will be informed accordingly and applicable fees will be refunded where required.
  • Cancellations from delegates are accepted in writing and without penalty up to 14 days prior to course start dates.
  • Notification of cancellations must be submitted in writing via email to admin@ntgsolutionsacademy.co.za
  • Delegates who cancel outside the approved cancellation period will not be entitled to any refunds, unless they are unable to attend as a result of reasons out of their control (e.g. hospitalisation) or where, at sole discretion of NTG Solutions Academy, it is rendered impossible for delegates to attend a particular course.

    Security and privacy

  • NTG Solutions Academy is committed to the protection of the privacy of all delegates.
  • Personal information will only be made available where NTG Solutions Academy is statutorily complied to do so, or for purposes of communication between NTG Solutions Academy and delegates to give effect to the processing and presentation of relevant courses.
  • Delegates accept full responsibility for the protection and use of any passwords provided to them for access to NTG Solutions Academy management information systems.
  • Delegates further give consent that personal information may be used for communication about their enrolments and/or related activities, as well as for statistical and marketing purposes and that they have the right to terminate this use at any time in writing to NTG Solutions Academy.


  • Neither NTG Solutions Academy nor any of its agents or representatives shall be held liable for any personal accidents, illness, losses or damage to private property of delegates on any course.
  • This includes traveling to and from venues, as well as shuttle services to and from hotels or other places of accommodation.
  • Personal insurance coverage for health, accidents, loss of luggage or trip cancellations is strongly recommended for all delegates.


  • Unforeseen circumstances may necessitate the appointment of course presenters other than those advertised as part of course proceedings.
  • Course dates, programme sequence, time and venues are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Where delegates are not satisfied with any such changes, NTG Solutions Academy will, at its sole discretion, consider refunding delegates either partly or in full for attended courses.

    For further assistance in obtaining full the terms and conditions, or to obtain full copies of any policy or other documentation, please contact NTG Solutions Academy at info@ntgsolutionsacademy.co.za