Within this section, you will find institutional guidelines and academic support services. The available services are designed to assist you in managing your coursework effectively, refining your academic skills, and improving your time management. Whether you require help understanding intricate concepts, honing study strategies, or enhancing your writing abilities, the resources provided here aim to structure your learning experience and tailor your pace to meet your individual academic requirements.

These guidelines encompass the overarching regulations of the Academy, applicable to all students. The content of these rules is governed by the legislation and regulations outlined in the QCTO rules. Approval of NTG Solution's regulations rests with the School Management Team and its Executive, within the discretion granted to the Academy. It is essential to read these regulations alongside the pertinent policies, which hold equal authority. Find the relevant policies on the LMS website. Periodic updates to the rules, policies, and any associated documents may occur on a quarterly and annual basis.